These are my thoughts falling to paper from the height of a mind.

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Sit, and I’ll tell you a story about friendship when options are limited, barely passing as an adult, and the family we make for ourselves.

My self-published novel is live on Amazon!  It’s my attempt at a generation-defining great American novel.  Give it a chance, and you can decide whether I succeeded or not.

This site has plenty to keep you occupied with more coming all the time.  I write blogs that become writing workshops, exploring different facets of writing like:

How to Overcome Writer’s Block

Strengthening Figurative Language

While working on my writing, I write brainstorming sessions about:


Character Descriptions

Figurative Language

Each time I start a new short story, I detail the writing process on this site, posting the original draft of a few short paragraphs and then changing it here where readers can see the keystrokes in the same way you would watch an artist adding each new brushstroke to a painting.

The Maestress            The Grunters               Autistic by Association

The Vixen                    The Runt                      Crybaby

Reach out your hand, catch some of these thoughts, and don’t be afraid to share your own.

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