These are my thoughts falling to paper from the height of a mind.  Sometimes they’re delicate snowflakes coating the landscape in a beautiful crystalline blanket.  Other times they’re a thunderstorm rife with chaos.

Writing is the great love of my life (don’t tell my wife), and this is my platform for sharing it with the world.  I’m not only interested in showcasing completed novels/short stories on this site; though, you can find information about them here:

My Costumes — pretending to be a teacher, pretending to be an adult in Korea (Coming Soon)

I started this website as a way to keep myself motivated to write.  Having a forum to share my ideas about writing forces me to improve as a writer, and perhaps it will help you, interest you, or entertain you.

This site has plenty to keep you occupied with more coming all the time.  I write blogs that become writing workshops, exploring different facets of writing like:

How to Overcome Writer’s Block

Strengthening Figurative Language

Showing Information not Telling it (Coming Soon)

While working on my writing, I write brainstorming sessions about:


Character Descriptions

Figurative Language

Each time I start a new short story, I detail the writing process on this site, posting the original draft of a few short paragraphs and then changing it here where readers can see the keystrokes in the same way you would watch an artist adding each new brushstroke to a painting.

The Maestress

The Vixen

Reach out your hand, catch some of these thoughts, and don’t be afraid to share your own.



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It’s been a busy summer full of writing-related tasks. I finished final revisions of The Maestress and sent it to a few magazines for publication.  I’ve already received one rejection, but that’s to be expected.  It was a foundational bit of writing after focusing on nonfiction for so long.  I needed to stretch my fantasy … Continue reading Rough Draft — The Friends/Brothers

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